HyPlat offers high performing custom or standardised 3, 5 or 7 layer MEA designs for both stationary and mobility LTPEM fuel cell applications. In addition to its own catalyst offerings, HyPlat has excellent access to leading material suppliers and can tailor design the MEA based on customer’s operating conditions and performance targets or deliver a fully specified MEA.

HyPlat’s MEA product series is based on a proprietary catalyst coated membrane (CCM) manufacturing process. The manufacturing process is intrinsically associated with lower costs through the elimination of specific process steps that lead to both reduced labour and processing times. HyPlat’s manufacturing process is also built on lean six sigma manufacturing principles and the overall result is a low cost high quality MEA product which results in improved competitiveness for HyPlat’s customers. A further competitive advantage is the flexibility of the manufacturing process which allows HyPlat to deliver any customer’s designs with relatively rapid turnaround.

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